5 January 2012, 19:48 | Elja Trum | 1713x read

Turn your iPhone into a retro camera

The Apple iPhone is often used as camera, but taking pictures with your phone doesn't look all that professional. The Gizmon iCA case offers a solution to this problem; it adds the look of a retro camera to your iPhone.

Gizmon iCA iPhone case

The cases are available in three colours; white, black and brown. In the corner you'll find an opening for you actual iPhone lens and LED-flash. Gizmon sells optional lenses also to adjust the image with an wide-angle, fish-eye, tele or other type of lens.

The Gizmon iCA case is suited for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. You can still use all the buttons and functions of your iPhone. You can use any application you would normally use to take the photos, but I'd recommend an app which uses a retro look like Hipstamatic. Just to match it up.

Gizmon iCA case

The case, that also adds any 'optical viewfinder' to you iPhone, will be sold for 65 dollar.

Elja Trum   About the author; Elja Trum
Elja Trum is founder of Photofacts and author of a Dutch book on black-and-white photography. In his daily life he is an e-business consultant with Directshop.
Elja uses Twitter, is married and father of Mika and Vera.
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